Dumb Blonde Shampoo

The newly designed Dumb Blonde No Yellow Shampoo has been reformulated to revitalise and enhance the colour for blonde and silver hair. The special violet pigment in the formula helps to neutralise yellow tones from blonde, bleached or lightened hair. You will fall in love with the delightful tropical scent!

Depending on your desired result, be mindful that excessive use of this product can lead to over toning, as our shampoo has been formulated with a semi-permanent violet dye that has the strength to last in the hair of up to 8 washes. To prolong the tone always use an alternative shampoo that is moisturising and colour safe as well as a heat protectant when using any hot styling tools.

The unique blend of key nourishing ingredients rejuvenates the hair to a strong and healthy condition:

Chamomile Flower Extract- soothes dry and brittle hair by retaining moisture in hair and strengthening it from within. The result is hair that is soft and strong, adding sheen to blonde and highlighted hair.
Hydrolysed Soy Protein- binds moisture in hair and improves hair elasticity. It effectively reduces damage as a result of bleaching, perming and the use of hot styling tools. It adds shine, body and manageability to hair.
Bisabolol – acts as an anti-inflammatory to help soothe the scalp sensitivity from harsh lightening services.

Dumb Blonde No Yellow Shampoo 1L